Next Event: Immersion in English

Immersion in English

24th to 27th of January 2017, Santa Cruz, Chile

If your English is holding you back from:

‣ Accepting an international transfer or promotion?

‣ Leading conference calls & multinational teams?

‣ Hosting conferences and company meetings?

‣ Giving presentations with confidence, clarity and humour?

‣ Building connections and contacts or interacting socially

Constant exposure to the language, surrounded by professional native speaking teachers and facilitators will fully immerse you in the culture, language use and learning.

Activities to build your confidence in SPEAKING & LISTENING, READING & WRITING are designed so you you can FULLY participate in meetings, negotiations, conference calls, interviews, social interactions and more. From morning to night you will be surrounded by English - And you don’t even have to leave the country!

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  • I overcame the fear of not getting it right and became an active participant in situations I previously dreaded, such as visits from native speakesr, conference calls, presentations and responding to emails in English. Now I have a much broader vocabulary and a very good understanding of spoken and written business English, in fact, I no longer struggle to understand incoming emails and conversations.

    Every session with Leah, I learn new things, her communication style turns every situation and business challenge into learning opportunities where her empathy and great sense of humor spark the most interesting discussions, talking about her work experience in different countries has made me more aware of cultural factors affecting businesses and given me a renewed perspective regarding how others do things and approach life.

    As my English continues to improve, I see myself strengthening relationships and working more effectively with teams from other countries; English has become fundamental to my professional development.

    Alberto Perez Garcia
    General Manager Verisure Chile
  • The fact that she is not a “teacher” is the biggest differentiator, she focuses on the tools and words I need to master in order to speak correctly and incorporate expressions commonly used by natives in business situations such as, presentations, meetings, conference calls and negotiations.  She also provides plenty of tips and applicable suggestions relating to international business.  Thanks to her, now I speak English with confidence and gained an understanding of cross-cultural issues. enaex
    Andres Brinck
  • My progress in English is directly related to Leah´s ability to trigger motivation,  now, I look forward to each session and continue to see progress on my conversational  and writing skills. Additinionally, her international experience allows me to gain perspective on how to understand and do business with co-workers and contacts from other countries, in fact, with her support I see an international assignment as a very attainable goal. verisure
    Javier Roy Trilla
    Verisure Chile
  • An extended trip to US required a higher level of English,  I was fortunate to have had Leah´s guidance during a year long process that prepared me to successfully overcome the language and cultural barriers  I would face.  Working with her, my milestones have been; a new level of fluency, narrowing grammar gaps and becoming familiar with cultural issues from the US, Holland and Chile.
    Executives who seriously want to improve their English need to give her call, she is a business peer who triggers results and keeps you motivated.
    Christian Arbulu
    Abertis Autopistas
  • The value added I get from Leah is her perspective on a broad range of business topics, she challenges me to express my point of view on all the factors that affect my industry, our discussions touch on sector specifics such as corruption and fraud yet expand to larger issues such the potential impact of the current economic and political context, as a result of that, I have made significant progress in terms of fluency and vocabulary.

    Marcel Gonzalez
    CFO AIG Chile