English Immersion Experience | Jan ’17

enero 24, 2017 – enero 27, 2017 todo el día
To be confirmed
Outside Santiago
Depending on your needs, we can quote a price.
Executive English Now


If your English is holding you back from:

‣ Accepting an international transfer or promotion?

‣ Leading conference calls & multinational teams?

‣ Hosting conferences and company meetings?

‣ Giving presentations with confidence, clarity and humour?

‣ Building connections and contacts or interacting socially

Stop searching for a regular language institute! The English Immersion Experience of Executive English Now is exactly what you are looking for. Our methodolody is natural, comfortable, supportive and provides you with confidence. We get you comfortable using the language and improving your listening. How? By having interesting conversations and/or debates where you quit over thinking or holding back and just start using it.
It puts you into a natural situation where you can no longer flee into the safety of your native language but forced to participate and quickly understand.

During our unique 4-day English Immersion Experience, in which you will be exposed to English from morning to evening, with accents from several English speaking countries, you will learn essential vocabulary and business and life skills. Furthermore, there will be inspirational talks from guest speakers, business topics discussions, international business culture workshops and of course we will also arrange some recreational activities, like wine tasting or cooking classes. All in English and just outside Santiago!


After our immersion experience, you will go back to work with:

‣ A higher level of English

‣ A new found confidence

‣ Renewed skills

‣ More cultural understanding

A combination that makes you stand out from the masses and gives you the skills of the current global economy professional!

English level required: Intermediate conversation level.


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